ZX Series 2017

A freeride sail that also thrives in coastal wave conditions

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The ZX Series is in its 8th year of existence and is currently being offered in a ZX-9 andZX-SE (Special Edition) version.

The ZX-9, with its colorful, lightweight dacron material in the overhead leech panel, offers an amazingly lightweight and forgiving sensation through all your transitions and over-powered conditions. Due to its responsive, oversized mylar window, the ZX has all the low end response of a fuller cut sail while its 5th RBS batten still holds its top end intact while rivaling slalom sails in a head to head drag race. 

The new ZX-SE sail has received a material upgrade of aramid reinforced x-ply in the load panels as well as the implementation of the new high-tec Technora in the upper leech panel.

PSA - Water Resistant adhesive Dacron

technora - durable and forgiving

luff scrim - hi performance aramid fiber

cross scrim - tougher than film (optional)