• The Autobatten System is pre-tensioned when the sails are finished and will not need any adjustment on first usage (DO NOT TOUCH).
  • One should see a reverse camber of the foot batten at first rigging (this is normal).
  • After several uses this will adjust itself naturally.
  • After approximately 100 uses if one observes wrinkles in the batten pockets one can adjust the autobatten strap at the tack of the sail in 1" increments while the sail is not rigged.

Autobatten System technical explanation

The autobatten grabbed the industry's attention in 1996 when Northwave produced all of their sails to include this simple yet effective technology. By utilizing downhaul tension normally exerted upon a sail, the autobatten system works similarly to a bow and arrow. The 1000 lb. test Spectra 'tendon' tensions the Robichaud (RBS) battens like arrows away from the mast, the bow, without altering the sail's foil.

Requiring no tools, the autobatten is the simplest batten tension system available: stick the mast in the luff sleeve, downhaul, outhaul, go sailing. After taking a beating in the zone, unlike other sails, the autobatten system won't leave your sail sagging on the beach; the natural spring in the pre-stretched Spectra tendon will withstand the punishment without losing its tensioning function. The system is extremely light and durable, and because the 'tendon' is integrated internally to the sails' construction, the batten and pocket are more protected from the invasion of sand and its associated abrasion. Similarly, as the battens are only tensioned when rigged, batten-pocket stretch and wear is further reduced. Key to sail performance, the autobatten system eliminates heavy bulky mechanisms on the leech (such as buckles, straps or screw-tensioners), where such weight is least desired; thus, the autobatten creates the lightest, aerodynamically cleanest leech in the industry. A light leech means low swing-weight which means more fun. Withstanding the tests of time and now refined to allow for greater weight savings and stronger overall sail construction, the autobatten is now state of the art and par for the course in all Northwave sails.






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