Featherlite Series 2017

This sail literally feels as light as a Feather

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The Featherlite is a mind-blowing combination of Northwave’s 28-years of experience designing custom sails and the latest high-tech materials on the market.

This sail literally feels as light as a Feather in your hands. Not to mention this is the lightest sail available on the market.

Due to the minimal foot area, low center-of-effort, and amazing light weight, this sail will impress all sailors from the aggressive freestylers to the first time waterstarter.

No fluff, all thrills. This sail has been completely streamlined. No bells and whistles, just the best handling, best performing, lightest weight sail offered.

featherlite wave sail

PSA - Water Resistant adhesive Dacron

technora - durable and forgiving

luff scrim - hi performance aramid fiber

cross scrim - tougher than film (optional)