Northwave is proud to demonstrate our sails superior characteristics to anyone who would like to try them. The program is simple.

First, go sailing. That’s right, take your stuff out and sail. Now you know what size sail you need.

Second, grab one of our friendly folks and ask them to try a sail in your size. The demo dudes or dudettes will have a Northwave “demo dude” T-shirt on or look for a truck or van with “Northwave Free Demos Today” on the side.

Third, just bring your boom with harness lines. They will set your boom height wherever you usually sail. This sail to sail comparison is the best way to feel the differences between sails.

The program is very flexible – we go where the wind blows – so please call for the day’s location. Our demo people have several models and many sizes but they can’t carry everything. So, if you have a specific request, just call and speak to one of our representatives. We will put you where the action is! Whether it’s ripping waves or straightlining for maximum speed – Northwave sailors have the biggest smile on their faces and you can too!

Reasons to Demo

  • It’s FREE
  • Try before you buy
  • All demo sails are for sale
  • See what you’re missing
free demos