nano featherlite zx surflite 511




Any Questions?
Give us a call, we use everything that we sell.

Any Repairs?
Northwave is a full service loft capable of repairing, designing, and manufacturing everything that we sell and since there is no “middle-man”, you deal directly with us.

Anything Else?
Oh Yeah! FUN – because that’s what it’s all about – we love what we do!

Simply put, these are the easiest rigging, most powerful, smoothest, well-balanced sails on the planet. Try them for yourself with our FREE demo program – we’re sure you’ll agree – Northwave sails Rock! Now available in five different models to match your sailing style. Surf our site or call us directly for seasonal specials. We’re either here to help or we’re sailing ourselves.

See ya when the wind blows,

The Northwave Crew





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True Custom Sails Made in USA High Quality Sail Repairs